Specific details will be negotiated with each client depending on the project, but our general terms and conditions are as follows.

(“We” and TWF refer to The Write Flourish, and “they” refers to the client.)

Agreed Work

Before work on any project is commenced, we will issue a quote and a written brief regarding the work to be conducted. Acceptance of the quote and the brief indicate that the client also agrees to these terms and conditions.

Refusal of Work

We will consider most types of writing and editing work. However, we retain the right to refuse any job if we feel we cannot allocate adequate time to it, or if we feel it falls outside of our areas of expertise. Please note that we will not accept any work that: is suspected of being plagiarised; is potentially libellous or illegal; contains graphic sexual or violent material; or that vilifies another person or group.


We take pride in our work and endeavour to provide clients with the best possible service. If a client finds any errors within 7 days of receiving the completed work, or 14 days for documents over 50 000 words, we will fix those errors free of charge. After that time, it will be assumed that the client is happy with the work and we will sign off on that job. This guarantee does not apply if: the client wishes to make changes to the nature of the job after we have commenced the work; or if the errors are due to a lack of clarity in the client's instructions.

Correspondence with the Client

Official correspondence will be conducted with the client via email. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their email address is correct and to regularly check their emails. Communications (including completed work and invoices) will be deemed to have been received on the day they were sent. The client is also responsible for keeping backup copies of all material sent to TWF.


Fees are negotiated separately for each job, depending on the scope and requirements of the project. Fifty per cent of the fees would usually be required prior to any work being commenced. The final payment would usually be due within 14 days of the client being notified of the work’s completion. On receipt of the final payment, the work will be delivered to the client. For larger jobs that can be broken down into discrete components, it may be possible to negotiate payment on the delivery of each component.

On receipt of the completed work, the client has 7 days in which to request any minor amendments, provided that these amendments fall within the initial scope of the agreed work. Such minor amendments will be made free of charge.

If the client requests any extra work or changes to the project once the work has commenced, such changes must be renegotiated with TWF. If TWF agrees to take on the extra work, additional fees may be incurred by the client.

Fees are based on the nature of the project and an estimate of the time in which it will take to complete the work. If it becomes obvious that more work is required than initially expected, the client will be contacted before any additional charges are made.

If the client cancels the work before it is completed, they will still be required to pay for work completed up until that point. If the work completed up until that point is less than the deposit, the balance of the deposit will be refunded less 10% of the overall fee to compensate TWF for the time we had blocked out of our schedule for that client.

If TWF has to cancel a project due to unforeseen circumstances, the client will be notified immediately. They will still be billed for any deliverables completed to that point, but will be refunded for any work not completed.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

If the project involves editing or proofreading work, TWF assumes that the client owns the copyright for that material and that it has not been plagiarised from another source. Copyright will remain with the client.

When editing or proofreading a work, dissertation or thesis to be submitted by the client for credit, TWF can only provide editorial assistance to the extent permitted by the accrediting institution. The client retains sole responsibility for the content of the work and for meeting institutional requirements for its submission.

In some cases, TWF may negotiate with the client to have an acknowledgement made in the final manuscript (e.g. where substantial editing has been conducted on a book). If TWF also takes on a substantial writing role (e.g. writing a book based on the client’s notes or interviews), we may also negotiate co-authorship.

Use of This Web Site

Comments on the blog site may only be posted by users who sign up and are authorised. All comments are moderated and no offensive material will be published. The moderator's decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.

Users are asked to provide a valid email address when they sign up as a means of identification. Email addresses will not be published, or used to deliver unsolicited material, but we may contact you regarding your usage of this site.

We ask that each user restrict themselves to only one account on this site unless prior approval is given by TWF.

We reserve the right to cancel a user account if it appears to be inactive, or if it is being used in breach of these terms and conditions.

From time to time, we may include links to other web sites on our pages. However, we take no responsibility for the content on those sites or for broken or insecure links.


While every care is taken to ensure the quality of our work, we cannot guarantee that a manuscript will be completely free from error. We also cannot guarantee that as a result of our service, a manuscript will be published, gain a particular grade, or receive an award. The final responsibility for the document lies with the client.

TWF’s work on particular manuscripts does not necessarily mean that we endorse the content of those manuscripts or the views expressed within them.

These terms and conditions may be changed for any reason without notice. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that they have read the current terms and conditions as shown on this web site.