Sample 14

Author: Nola Published: over 5 years ago
Tags: humour, daisy-chains, poetry Category: Poetry

Manic Melodies

Baby yaks sing gothic carols
Soothing Gerry’s skittish hogs,
Sonic chanting gets Sir ranting,
Graceful lilting grips sled dogs.

Sing great tonal lively yodels,
Send deft tuneful lullabies.
Serenade, emit top pitch,
Hear rhythmic Chekhov vocalise.

Ever rising garbled ditties,
Swallow warbling Greek kebab,
Boldly yell like elven nomads,
Silence Eva’s stoic crab.

© Nola Passmore

(Published in Tales from the Upper Room: Stories and Poetry from Tabor Adelaide’s 2009 Creative Writing Programme, edited by C. Bell, Y. Ham, B. Morton & M. Worthing, published by Pantaenus Press, Millswood, South Australia, p. 133.)

Note: In a daisy-chain poem, each word starts with the last letter of the previous word. For more detail, see the post Poetic Forms Part 3: Fun with Forms.